Working Mums

Working Mums in work

working mumsThe Celtic tiger saw a lot of working Mums return to the work place and with escalating house prices it took two incomes to run a house. The down side was that working Mums had to fork out on child minding and with limited places child minding costs soon spiraled out of control, often taking half of a working Mums salary. With the slow down in construction and the fall in male dominated jobs, the only income coming into some households is what is being earned by a working Mum. Working Mums are now a vital component in a vast number of households in the UK and Ireland today.

Working Mums at home

A working mums work is never done and it is also hugely undervalued, a new study shows.

working mumsIt would cost around €60,000 a year to replace the work done by a typical multi-tasking working mum. This includes jobs such as cooking, housekeeping, taxi-driving for children as well as being an event planner and gardener, a new study into the monetary contribution of stay-at-home parents shows. Replacing the housekeeping work done by a typical mother alone would cost almost €8,000 a year and the national average spent on childcare alone works out at €8,000 a year. Stay-at-home working mums perform a large range of tasks that include everything from being a tutor to school children, to acting as a psychologist to troubled teenagers. We have tried to put a value on these jobs and concluded that replacing a homemaker costs a small fortune.

Working  Mums in business

Outside the great contribution that stay at home working mums make to the house hold budget many are also setting up their own home based businesses. Many women are now looking to be able to run a home based business around their family and other commitments. More and more working mums are looking to work from home. We are now entering into the boom time for work from home opportunities with working mums at the fore front.

working mums



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