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Property Tax

Property Tax The ESRI has been exploring various options for a property tax. It says a properly designed property tax would be able to exempt low-income groups like pensioners and those on social welfare, while charging more to those on higher incomes. In particular, the ESRI has been looking at what would be needed to raise the …

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Budget 2011 Summary

Budget 2011

Budget 2011 in brief With a target of cutting the government defecate by 3.8 billion does the Irish budget for 2012 deliver. After seeing successive budgets take €600 per month from the average household and 20 billion from the economy, the question is can the Irish people afford any more taxes and cuts. While the budget …

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Irish Budget 2011

What will the Irish budget have in store for 2011 Budget time is here again and we are all wondering what new revenue taking surprises are in store in the 2011 budget. For the past four years the budget has being focused on cutting spending and raising taxes and it looks like we are going to see …

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