Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Drop ShippingDrop shipping is where you sell products for a company online and they process the orders and pay you a percentage of the sales price or you set the price you want to sell that product at and keep the profit.Drop shipping is a fast growing industry because as a seller you dont have to buy product up front,stock or ship it and for the supplier they have thousands of people all over the world marketing their products.Its a win win situation for every one.Drop shipping allows a seller to have access to thousands of products and the supplier access to millions of customers.View a drop shipping site.


 Drop Shipping Money Making Partnership

Both sellers and suppliers are making a lot off money out of this unique business partnership.As a seller you can run this simple business model from home.All you need is a computer and a little knowledge of internet marketing.There are many companies out there offering drop shipping services so the real challenge is to find one that suits you.You have to decide do you want to sell the product your self for a profit or do you want to direct customers to the company for a commission.My preferred way is to direct customers to the drop shipping company as it means you dont have to list products,upload photos and you can operate a drop shipping business with very little internet skills.

Drop Shipping with Kleeneze

Drop ShippingKleeneze the well know house hold name synonymous with quality house hold products have introduced a drop shipping system for both existing and new distributors. Distributors simply send potential customer to the Kleeneze Shop and they earn comissions and bonuses on all products that are ordered.Kleeneze process the payments and dispatch the orders directly to the customers.Click here to see how the Kleeneze shop works.For more information on our opportunity click on the button below.

Drop shipping information


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