Fas Jobs

Can Fas jobs get Ireland back to work

Fas jobsThe Irish government have allocated a large amount of their back to work budget to Fas jobs as a way of getting people back to work in Ireland. Is it a good decision to put so much faith in Fas as a way of getting people Fas jobs to be the major way to get Irish people back in the work force again? I doubt this is the answer as you can not trust civil servants to product jobs as all they know is how to push papers and yet the government seem to think this is the area that they will create jobs. Real jobs can only be created by people that are in business and know what the markets want. Fas jobs was set up as a way to retrain people not find them jobs.

Fas jobs can it deliver Jobs

Social Welfare

Social welfare trap

There are two basic ways of thinking put money in the states hands by way of high taxes so they can create jobs or put money in peoples hands by way of incentives so they can create jobs.We have seen how bad the government has done in the past with taxpayers money wasted on large salaries for fat cats and uncontrolled spending.Small to medium businesses are starved of cash while the government is wasting valuable resources on retraining people for jobs that will never exist again.This policy will do nothing to get Ireland back on its feet again and is condemning us to long term unemployment for years to come.

Fas Jobs can never deliver

We know that Fas will never deliver the jobs so we need to be redirecting the resources to people that can.Lets have a serious look at Fas jobs

  • Fas jobs and training is short term
  • Fas jobs cost too much
  • Fas jobs more money is spent on high salaries rather than creating jobs
  • Fas are retraining people in the wrong fields

We need to act now and get the resources that are being wasted by Fas into the hands of people that can create real long term jobs.

Please feel free to leave a comment below on Fas jobs and training.





Kleeneze Online Shopping

Kleeneze Online Shopping

Kleeneze online shopping

Kleeneze Online Shopping

Kleeneze has just announced the launch of their online shopping site that will allow customers to order direct and have the products delivered directly to them. Distributors that direct the customers to Kleeneze will earn commissions and bonuses on the business thus meaning that distributor can operate nationwide without having  to deliver a catalogue or product personally.Kleeneze online shopping is a massive step forward for the company and Kleeneze distributors alike, with earnings set to soar.Kleeneze online shopping will make Kleeneze products available to every one via the internet and with more international expansion expansion scheduled for next year,Kleeneze is set to become the leading work from home business Opportunity in Europe.


 Kleeneze Online Shopping Opportunity

Kleeneze Online ShoppingKleeneze online shopping allows people to work from home and get paid on any products their customers order and best of all Kleeneze handle the payments and deliveries.Kleeneze online shopping will not deflect from the core business of the home shopping catalogues and Ezespa business,but will add to an already successful formula.Online Shopping is the first step in Kleeneze s unprecedented expansion plans and will see Spain joining the ever increasing countries that Kleeneze operate in.Kleeneze operates in Ireland,The UK,Germany and Holland at the moment.Kleeneze provides people with the opportunity to make money marketing their products through the Kleeneze catalogues and now online with the Kleeneze online shop.

Make Money with Kleeneze Online Shopping

There has never been a better time to get started with Kleeneze as online shopping is growing year by year.Kleeneze online shopping will offer a rewarding and profitable work from home opportunity that will be simple to run and can provide unlimited earning potential.Kleeneze has now become the ultimate work from home opportunity.If you would like to find out more about e Kleeneze online shopping opportunity Click Here

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Starting an online business

Starting an Online Business

starting an online businessStarting an online business can be fun and very rewarding.Online Internet businesses start-ups normally can be started for little or low investment, have low overheads and running costs, thanks in part to inexpensive, yet robust e-commerce software and services on the market. What’s more, the business can be set up in at home and worked to at nights and on weekends, allowing people to keep their day jobs. An online Internet business can be lucrative even in a down turn economy due to the fact that online shopping is growing. People in Ireland are spending €150,000 per day on products and services on the Internet that is in excess of €50m per year and now is a great time to start you own online business.

Starting an online business which type?

Before starting an online business you must know the market that you are targeting. I would break this down into 4 main areas of which I will cover each one in grater detail in the future but for now.

  • Blogging
  • Ebay and auction sites
  • Affiliate marketing
  • E commerce

You will need some basic skills in SEO (search engine optimisation) Social Media Marketing and traditional marketing to succeed. Too many people think that if you have a presence on the Internet people will come to their site this is not true. An online business is only as good as the traffic it generates. The best place to learn how to market your business online and generate the traffic you need to succeed is to follow the people that are getting high Google rankings and high traffic. One company I came across recently is Homeshopping.ie which after only a few months is ranking on the first pages of Google for its specific search terms.

Starting an online business franchise

If you are considering starting an online business and don’t feel you have the knowledge to set it up you can opt for a business like Kleeneze. Kleeneze is a low cost business that you can operate online and off line, marketing their quality household and health and beauty products and they provide you with product catalogues as well as your own online shop. To find out more Click Here Best of luck in starting an online business and if you found this article helpful please like us on Facebook below.

Property Tax

Property Tax

The ESRI has been exploring various options for a property tax. It says a properly designed property tax would be able to exempt low-income groups like pensioners and those on social welfare, while charging more to those on higher incomes. In particular, the ESRI has been looking at what would be needed to raise the Taoiseach’s target of €500m a year for a full property tax, compared with the €160m target for this year’s flat-rate property charge. We all know property tax is coming but is there a fair way to introduce it? or will it just impoverish people that are working and all ready paying high taxes.The new property tax will be introduced in the next budget.

Property Tax purposed charges

It says an income-related property value tax could provide such a model, and would need to be set at an annual rate of €2.50 per €1,000 of house value.Under this model, the bill would

  • be less than €2 a week for the poorest 30% of households,
  • between €4 and €7 a week for the next 30%,
  • rising to €8 to €10 for the next 30%.
  • The top 10% of earners would pay close to €15 a week.

The ESRI says flat rate charges are inherently unfair, as everyone pays the same regardless of income level or property value.

Property Tax and Europe

While Europe wants Ireland to introduce a property tax like they are paying, they dont seem to realize that they get free and subsidised services as in Health, Education, Childcare and Transport. People in Ireland have to pay for these on top of already high direct and indirect taxes. The big question is where will the €500 million go?

You can Leave a comment below on how you feel about the new property tax.

Part time work

Part time work

part time workIn the current economic climate, some people think that finding part time work is more difficult than ever. In fact, our business is booming. We specialise in showing people how to work part time from home and we can show you too. What we offer is a genuine opportunity to make money working part time alongside an established, successful company (as seen on TV). If you are looking to earn a little extra money part time or if you want to replace your current job and work part time from home we have the answer. Find out now how you can work part time in Ireland.

Part time work is on the increase

We’ll show you how you can make money working part time just 8 to 10 hours per week and also show you how you can turn your part time work into a full time income and make serious money working part time less than 20 hours per week. The opportunity on offer is ideal if you’re looking for part time work because it offers flexible hours and can be worked around your children, job or other commitments and the best part is – you choose the hours you work. We currently have openings in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Galway and all over Ireland for people that are looking for part time work.

Part time work around the family

No working 9 to 5 or rushing to work in the morning, you choose when to start and when to stop. You get paid based on how much you work which means your in control of how much money you make.

  • Part time work with flexible hours
  • Part time work that leaves you in control of your income
  • Part time work as little or as much as you like
  • Part time work from home

To learn more about part time work and making money part time contact us by requesting further information, you could be making money part time within days. Get free information on part time work from home now.

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Party Plan News

Kleeneze launch party plan

party plan

Get Paid to Party

Kleeneze has added yet another string to its bow with the introduction of a party plan programme, ezeparty featuring our brand new range, ezecook. Ezeparty is all about quality products and great choice – all at prices to suit everyone’s pockets, while creating a shopping experience for customers to socialise and have fun. Party plan supported by the award winning chef, Nigel Smith, ezecook features an innovative range of cookery essentials to make cooking and food preparation easy.With more people now spending less on restaurant dining and more on basic ingredients to prepare home cooked meals, the timing could not be better. An ezecook party comes with great tools, such as the Nigel Smith DVD library so you can create different themes present fresh new recipe ideas at each party.

Make money with party plan

It’s a new, fun and flexible way to earn money.

In a climate where retail is seeing a decline, party plan is seeing a real growth in popularity. Many people are preferring to invite friends to socialise in their home as a way of getting together rather than going out shopping or drinking and dining out. Party plan is a great opportunity for people to turn spare time into money. Kleeneze is now joining other household names such as Avon, Tuber-wear, and Ann Summers in the party plan industry.

Party plan training

“Kleeneze will provide full training  and support to distributors – new or existing – who is looking to get involved with Ezeparty. The starter kit is currently available to buy for less than half price (usually £260), so this low start-up cost gives anyone the opportunity to earn between 20-35% commission without the need to hold any stock. Party plan is a great way to earn an additional income for the little extras in life.

Find out more about Party Plan

To find out more and how you can earn money from party plan CLICK HERE




Operation Transformation RTE

Operation Transformation Weight Loss

Eating HealthyOperation transformation in now in its fifth year. The RTE television series operation transformation promotes weight loss, healthy living and improved lifestyle. With obesity and the massive rise in type 2 diabetes in Ireland,Operation Transformation draws attention to these issues. Being over weight is the biggest threat to the future health of people in Ireland, North America and Northern Europe today. The first step of life style change is diet as the saying goes we are what we eat. Everyday we make choices on what we eat, you can choose healthy or not. You need to be aware that not all the food we deem as being healthy is. Operation transformation will point out the healthy foods from the unhealthy ones so it is important to follow the operation transformation series on RTE television as well as on the internet. Follow operation transformation on Facebook. Watch our short diet video on operation transformation.


Operation Transformation Lifestyle

Operation TransformationLoosing weight is the first step to lifestyle change. The next step is having the income and time to do what you enjoy in life. In the current economic climate people tend to have more time due to short time working and higher unemployment but lack the income to take advantage of it. Many people are turning to home based businesses and online businesses to generate the extra income to fund their lifestyle. In the past when people need to earn more money they tended to take a second job or work over time but unfortunately these options are no longer available to most people today. So what is the answer? How can you operation transformation your income and lifestyle.

Operation Transformation your Income

The easiest way to operation transformation your income is to start a home based business. Working from home is one of the fastest growing industries in Ireland today with more and more people deciding to take control of their income and life. For free information on how you can operation transformation your income and lifestyle click on the free information below.

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Budget 2011 Summary

Budget 2011 in brief

Budget 2011With a target of cutting the government defecate by 3.8 billion does the Irish budget for 2012 deliver. After seeing successive budgets take €600 per month from the average household and 20 billion from the economy, the question is can the Irish people afford any more taxes and cuts. While the budget cuts are keeping the IMF and ECB happy what effect is it having on Irish society. Cuts and Taxes alone will not get Ireland back on track to recovery. Taxing yourself out of recession is like fighting for peace. Will budget 2012 deliver on job creation or is it just more slash and burn. Below is a brief summary of budget 2012 and how it will effect you.

Budget 2012 the cuts

  • €3.8bn fiscal adjustment needed in 2012 budget
  • €2.2bn of adjustment from spending
  • €1.4bn in day-to-day spending cuts in budget
  • €20m earmarked for new Labour Market Activation Fund
  • Public service staff down by 6,000
  • Public service pay bill to fall by €400m in 2012

Budget 2012 Social Welfare

  • Weekly social-welfare payments unchanged
  • Changes to the one-parent family payment will save €20.7m
  • Child benefit for first and second child unchanged
  • Cut of six weeks in the cold-weather allowance
  • Jobseekers’ benefit to be based on five-day week
  • Redundancy and insolvency changes will reduce employer rebate from 60% to 15%
  • Back-to-School Clothing Allowance abolished for two/three-year-olds
  • Payments for new claimants of Disability Allowance cut to €100 a week for people aged 18-21, and to €144 for people aged 22-24.

Budget 2012 Health

  • €543m in net savings in the health area
  • Extra charges on private treatment in public hospitals
  • Drug Payment Scheme monthly threshold up from €120 to €132
  • New measures will reduce the price of drugs
  • 2% cut in disability, mental health and children’s services, saving €50m
  • Staff ceiling of 103,800 employees to apply to HSE in 2012

Budget 2012 Education

  • €132.3m savings in education
  • 2% cut in Higher Education funding – €7m saving
  • Increase of €250 in third-level student contribution
  • Changes to fee and maintenance supports for new post-graduate students
  • Education expenditure will comprise 17% of all current expenditure next year
  • €19.2m in cuts to trainee and apprenticeship schemes
  • Primary-school transport charge to be doubled to €100

Budget 2012 Reform

  • Savings of €105m in Dept of Agriculture, Marine, Food
  • Savings of €45m in Dept of Transport, Tourism, Sport
  • Savings of €34m in Environment, Community, Local Govt
  • €52.9m cut in Overseas Development Aid
  • €79m cut in spending for An Garda Síochána

BUDGET 2012 the Taxes

Income tax: No increase

VAT: Raised by 2% to 23%

Universal Social Charge: Exemption raised to €10,000 – this affects 330,000 people

Carbon Tax:

Increased from €15 per tonne to €20 per tonne

This means:

  • 1.4c increase on Petrol
  • 1.6c increase on Diesel
  • €17.32 increase on Fuel Oil (to rise in May)
  • €14.46 increase on Natural Gas (to rise in May)
  • No Carbon Tax on solid fuels


25c increase on pack of 20


No change in excise duty

  • Legislation planned on low-cost alcohol

Motor Tax

 Changes to apply from 1 January

  • Band A up €56 to €160
  • Band B up €69 to €225
  • Band C up €28 to €330

Mortgage Interest Relief

  • 30% for first-time buyers between 2004 and 2008
  • 25% for first-time buyers in 2012
  • 15% for non-first time buyers

€100 Household Charge

Waived for those on mortgage interest supplement and those in unfinished housing estates

Stamp Duty

  • No change to stamp duty on residential property
  • Commercial property rate lowered from 6% to 2%


  • Lower commercial stamp duty rate will also apply to farmland
  • 50% stock relief on registered farm partnerships
  • 100% rate for certain young trained farmers
  • Incentives for timely transfer of farms before the current owners reach the age of 66

Capital Gains Tax incentive

Applies to property bought by end 2013 and kept for 7 years

Capital Acquisitions Tax

Up from 25% to 30%

Capital Gains Tax

 Up from 25% to 30%


 Up from 27% to 30%

Corporate Tax Rate

To remain at 12.5%

Corporate tax

Exemption for start-ups extended 3 years

Research & Development

  • €100,000 of expenditure can be used as tax credit
  • Companies can use R&D credits to reward key employees

GDP: 1.3% growth forecast in 2012

Special Assignee Relief Programme: Initiative to attract key staff

50% Employer PRSI pension relief abolished

Approved Retirement Funds: Tax up 1% to 6% on transfer of funds

Gambling: Legislation planned on internet betting

Does the budget deliver on election promises? Please comment.




Lifestyle is determined by shrinking your dreams or increasing your income

In a changing world we are left with one of two choices increase your income or shrink your dreams. In today’s world we are seeing a slow down in economic growth and a decrease in peoples incomes and pension performance and a rise in the cost of living, real incomes are being eroded. People are being left with only one choice if they want to keep their standard of living, find a second source of income or except the consequences of a falling income and the changes they will have to make to survive on a lesser income. With high unemployment some times people think that it is almost impossible to find something that will create an extra income however this is not the case. Did you know that more entrepreneurs are created in hard economic times than in the boom times.

Growth business sectors that you can increase your income in

Thousands of people each week world wide are turning their backs on the traditional wake people earn money (a job) and are getting involved in one or more of the five fastest growing trends.

These five business trends are seeing unprecedented growth and are generating large incomes for many. Imagine a business that incorporated all five of these income growing trends and how much income that could generate for you?

What our income generating business can offer you

If any or all of the above interest you simply click on the request information below and we will email you free no obligation information on how you can increase your income.

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Kleeneze Launch Party Plan

Kleeneze Launch Party Plan

Home based businessKleeneze is launching a party plan programme in January 2012 with the ezecook range and will be testing further themes with ezespa.The same competitive income plan currently available in Kleeneze will also be available to our party planners. this is an exciting development in the Kleeneze business model. At the conference Kleeneze announced the recent trial they have been running with ezecook on party plan has been so successful that they will be rolling it out to the whole Kleeneze business in January.


Kleeneze expect high interest in Party Plan

kleenezeKleeneze are expecting really high volumes of interest and excitement around this initiative, so to help ensure Kleeneze can support everyone effectively for the first few weeks only those who attend the showcase on 7th January will be able to recruit party planners. At the showcase there will be a special offer for existing Kleeneze distributors and a special joining offer for guests. Kleeneze is all ready a leading home Shopping and online shopping company and now with its new venture into party plan Kleeneze has opened its business opportunity to an even wider range of people.

  • There will be a full collateral package including Kleeneze party plan catalogue and host material
  • A dedicated Kleeneze  party plan ordering website has been developed for internet ordering
  • A payment system has been developed so card payments can be made by guests at the party

kleenezeKleeneze have prepared an interactive catalogue that they have been using for the test parties, this will be updated with new products for the January launch but it will give you an idea of the fresh and contemporary layout of the catalogue.

Kleeneze your opportunity to Make Money in 2012


Fast Tube by Casper

If you are looking to earn an extra income in 2012 Kleeneze is the answer. Thousands of people across the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands are making money with Kleeneze. Whether you just want to earn an extra £50 to £100+ for a couple of hours work per week or if you are looking for a career change and want to earn £500 to £1000+ per week Kleeneze checks all the boxes. Kleeneze allows you to work from home around your family and other commitments.




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