Work from home on FaceBook

Work from home on FaceBook

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New Klife product range launch and income opportunity
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Avon Cosmetics Ireland

Avon to Cease Business in the Republic of Ireland

Avon CosmeticsAvon announced today that it was ceasing business in the Republic of Ireland today quoting that operations in smaller, under performing markets, primarily in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will be restructured or closed, the New York-based company said today in a statement. Avon expects $35 million to $40 million in pretax costs and about $20 million will be booked in the first quarter.The company said today that the job cuts, which equate to about 1 per cent of Avon’s 39,100 employees, will occur across all regions and segments.

When Avon Cosmetics announced today that it was ceasing trading in Ireland, I must admit I was completely shocked. Avon has been a household name for as long as I can ever remember in Ireland and the news today left me completely baffled. There are very few households in Ireland that you will not find Avon products. It makes me wonder if Avon cosmetics Ireland had of moved to network marketing in Ireland would it still be closing their operations today, as we have seen in other countries where they have adopted the network marketing (MLM) system their business has flourished.Network Marketing Information.


In a time when direct sales are growing and network marketing is exploding particularly in countries that are working their way out of recession, green shoots emerging and the people that have taken the most pain in this recession are starting to see the potential of running their own businesses and network marketing, it defies belief that Avon has ceased to operate in the economy that is reinventing itself and is set once again to prosper. There is never been a better time to get involved in the direct sales and network marketing industry.

Avon Ireland Company Statement

In a statement the company said Avon is “concentrating resources on those activities and markets which have the greatest growth potential”.It is part of a turnaround plan under CEO Sheri McCoy, with the goal of achieving mid-single digit percentage revenue growth and $400 million in cost savings by 2016. Today McCoy said these steps take the company closer to its cost-savings goal.

Avon expects to complete almost all the cuts before year’s end. The New York company will take charges of around $35 million to $40 million before taxes and expects annualized savings of between $45 million and $50 million.
The direct seller of beauty products has been struggling to turn around its business at home and in emerging markets. It has also wrestled with a bribery probe in China that began in 2008 and has since spread to other countries.In its most recent quarter, Avon Products Inc posted a wider fourth-quarter loss as it marked down the value of its Silpada jewelry business and restructured. It was still better than Wall Street had expected, however, and McCoy, who took over Avon one year ago, said there were signs that business was stabilizing.

Avon Jobs

Avon CosmeticsToday’s reductions follow an announcement last year to eliminate 1,500 jobs and leave the South Korean and Vietnam markets as Chief Executive Officer Sheri McCoy works to cut costs. In February, Avon said it would evaluate alternatives for the Silpada jewelry unit, where sales fell 18 percent in the fourth quarter.

Avon fell 0.4 percent to $20.18 at 9:49 a.m. in New York. The shares surged 41 percent this year through April 5, compared with an 8.9 percent gain for the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index

Network Marketing and Technology

Network Marketing and Technology

Network MarketingModern technology is probably the greatest contributing factor to the growth of network marketing in the world today. Technology has made it possible for hundreds of thousands and millions of transactions to take place everywhere in the world in an instant. This technology has allowed network-marketing companies to expand globally. Technology has allowed hundreds of network marketing companies and hundreds of thousands of independent distributors to promote their products and services worldwide. This has led to unprecedented growth of network marketing throughout the world.

This phenomenon is largely due to the Internet and is rapidly growing on a daily basis. Network marketing due to technology is now a global business and it allows you to work global as well as local. With more and more people looking to the Internet to purchase products and services this trend is set to continue. The key question to ask your self here is have I ever bought product or service on the Internet? The Internet as also allows you to advertise your network marketing opportunity to a worldwide audience which in turn allows you to build a business anywhere in the world. This means that you are not limited to building a business just locally or nationally but globally.

Network Marketing a Global Business

The results of the globalisation of network marketing and the hundreds of million extra customers or new independent distributors that you can reach will mean an explosion in profits and income that you can earn. Technology has truly revolutionised the way we all do business today.

The second reason that technology is driving network marketing forward is that technology is actually doing away with jobs. The better the technology the less people that are needed to do the work. This downsizing of the global workforce will leave people with more time to do the things they want to do but also less money to do them. This is where network marketing comes in. People can work and build a network marketing business in conjunction with their current job. It also allows people whose incomes have been cut due to the technology revolution to earn a second income and build a business and residual income for themselves.

It is estimated that in this changing world people will change profession approximately 3 times in their working lives. Each time they change profession they have to learn new skills. In network marketing when you learn the skills you can utilise those skills for life. Network marketing is taking its place as a forerunner in the modern world economy.

Network Marketing an Entrepreneurs Dream

Network marketing with the aid of technology has now become an entrepreneurs dream. Imagine being able to run a global business from your own home, ship products anywhere in the world and introduce new independent distributors anywhere in the world. So whether you live in a town of 20,000 people or less you can still have a global business. With the opening up of the global markets with China and India with the massive populations this allows for network marketers to earn unbelievable incomes. Picture this you are sitting in your own home selling products in China, Russia, Indonesia or anywhere else in the world as well as building a team of independent distributors in these countries. Remember in network marketing you get paid a percentage on every product you sell and the percentage on the sales of people you introduce.

Network Marketing set for Global Explosion

Network MarketingYou may be looking at a company that only operates in a few countries at the moment but the sheer power and growth of network marketing over the coming years will drive these companies global. Network marketing is truly a ground floor opportunity. Nothing can stop an industry a business or an opportunity when its time has come. I believe that network marketing is the last Bastille were ordinary people can start their own business with little or no capital and become millionaires. At this stage I urge you to take a serious look at where this industry is going. Some people wait for things to happen while others watched things happen while the vast majority of people wonder what’s happened. In the world we live today is important to be the person that makes things happen.

Pensions Time Bomb

Pensions Time Bomb

Pensions While most people think they are looking after their futures by paying into a pension fund or relying on a pension from the government they in fact are buying into the only legal Ponzi scheme in the world. When pensions were first introduced most people never lived past the 57 years of age and it was very easy to offset future payments of pensions against income coming in from younger tax payers or income coming from investment funds as most people never lived long enough to collect. This however has changed over the past 30 years in the Western world with the average life expectancy of a man is just short of 80 years and a woman’s life expectancy of 83 years. This means that a person can work for 40 years and live on a pension for 20 years or more. Realistically it is impossible for a person to contribute enough tax or pension contributions in 40 years to provide a livable and sustainable pension for 20 years. Pensions only work if you have more young people paying in than older people taking out and with the crash of the stock exchange over the past five years and with pension funds that invested in stocks as a way to capitalise their pension products they are falling short.

Beware of the Pensions Trap

In the Western world with an ageing population and a low birth rate it will be impossible for governments to meet their pension commitments. In short we are looking at one working person paying for the pensions of two retired people and it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that this is impossible and unsustainable. This phenomenon was forecasted back in the mid-80s and yet very few governments or pension funds addressed the pending problem. When people retire they have three or four times the time to spend and only a fraction of the income to spend. We now live in an age where retired people are not just happy to wander down to the store, get a newspaper or sit at home watching TV. Retired people now are young energetic and want to enjoy the later years of their lives; unfortunately this cannot be done without money.

Pensions and the Stock Market

Pensions and the stock marketThe only solution to this problem from a government point of view is to raise taxes but there is only so much money that you can take in tax without disincentivising work. The only solution for pension funds is a massive recovery in the stock markets and at this moment this looks entirely unlikely. People who are due to retire over the coming years when they have a government pension or a part of the pension fund will find that their pensions are completely under capitalised. With a lot of Western countries raising the retirement age as a short-term solution to the pension deficit, this does not solve the problem only pushes down the line by two or three years and in fact increases the problem when pensions finally become due.

Government Pensions or an Alternative Income

If you are relying on a pension fund or a government pension you could be very disappointed when it is your time to retire. I think the pension time bomb is probably the most compelling argument to get involved in Network Marketing. In Network Marketing you can build a business with a residual income that will pay you long after you stop working. It’s a little bit like the Beatles (the band from Liverpool) that wrote songs in the 60s and 70s and every time they played on the radio today or a CD is sold they earn a royalty. That’s what I call a real pension fund. In network marketing when you build a business of independent distributors every time one of your distributors sells a product or service you receive a small percentage of that sale. This system allows you to earn residual income for the rest of your life as long as business is being conducted.

PensionsI think the big question is after working hard for 40 years do you want to retire on a pension that you can just about survive on or you want an alternative income that can provide you with a great lifestyle when you retire. Do you want to totter down to local store buy a newspaper maybe have a beer or coffee on the way home or do you want to spend your golden years seeing the world and enjoying the finer things in life. Very few pensions if any can offer you the latter but network marketing and building a residual income can offer you lifestyle that most people only ever dream of.

People with Pensions still having to Work

Pensions the truthYou only have to visit your own local supermarket and see people that have lived in your neighborhood and worked hard all their lives packing bags for the minimum wage. These people believed that when they retired after working hard all those years that their pension would be able to finance their lifestyle. Your pension is not just about putting food on your table a roof over your head but allowing you the income to enjoy your golden years and to experience and see places that you could not afford the time or money during your working life because you’re too busy or could not afford it. Life is for living and after working hard for years, you should be entitled to a good standard of living and an amazing lifestyle. Jobs, government pensions, and pension funds will not provide this. However getting involved in Network Marketing today, building a business and residual income for the rest of your life will.

Pensions and Network Marketing

Regardless of your education, your skills or your race you can join a Network Marketing company and build a business that you can retire on in 3 to 5 years. The 3 Steps you need to take

  • Where do you want to be in five years time and can what you are doing now get you there?
  • The next step is are you prepared to do what it takes to reshape your future?
  • The third step is you ready to start now?

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it only comes once are you prepared to embrace the lifestyle that Network Marketing can offer you.

Beauty Consultant

Work from home as a Beauty Consultant

Beauty ConsultantBecome a Beauty Consultant and make money-promoting the Ezespa anti ageing and Helen E Cosmetics. Join the many people that are making money in the beauty and anti ageing industry. Many people are working from home promoting Ezespa anti-ageing and beauty products. Even in a recession people still spend money on premium skin care and beauty products. Some of the fastest growing companies in the world today are involved in the health, wellness and beauty industry. This is your opportunity to get involved in this amazing and profitable industry. This opportunity can offer you an extra income or a full-time business and income for part-time hours. Many people are earning €5,000+ per month recommending these products to people. As well as our health and beauty catalogues Ezespa also offers the opportunity you to markets these anti ageing and beauty products online by providing you with your own online shop.

View our Products

Become a Beauty Consultant For anti aging products and Helen E Cosmetics

Ezespa five main ranges are

  • Turn back time anti-ageing serums
  • Premium skincare
  • Re hydrating face creams
  • Natural tanning products
  • Helen E cosmetics

Become a Beauty Consultant with a simple marketing plan

Beauty ConsultantYou can make money by simply by becoming a beauty consultant and using and recommending Ezespa anti ageing and Helen E beauty products. Earn 20% up to 36% on any products people order from you. You can also earn additional bonuses on people that join you to promote these amazing anti-ageing and beauty products. With Helen E beauty products you will keep abreast of the latest trends and never let your make-up bag date you. Create that flawless finish and get the season’s key looks with professional salon products and amazing discount prices and if you look good, you feel great, your confidence will grow and be noticed with these anti-ageing and Helen E cosmetic product ranges.Enjoy the fun and freedom of becoming a beauty consultant working from home.

View Helen E Cosmetics

Make Money as a Beauty Consultant with anti aging products

Beauty Anti Aging ProductsThe Ezespa range of anti-ageing products, premium skincare products and Helen E cosmetic products gives you the opportunity to take control of your income and lifestyle. Ezespa urgently require representatives throughout Ireland and the UK. Join a company that is a leader in the anti ageing and beauty products industry. If you wish to find out more about our extensive range of anti ageing and beauty products or if you wish to find out more about our home-based work from home opportunity, simply click on the button below.

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Working from Home

Working from home

Working from HomeWorking from home and can I really make money? This is probably the most frequent question I’m asked. People want to know is it really possible to make money working from home and work from home opportunities. The answer to this question is an outstanding Yes but only if you do your research and choose a reputable company that moves product and generates profits for the people involved. We have all heard stories about Internet scams, working from home scams and pyramid schemes. This has tainted people’s perception of work from home and self-employment opportunities. I have been involved in the home jobs and work from home industry for the past 18 years. In that time I have seen hundreds of scams that are dedicated to extracting peoples hard earned money on the assumption that they can achieve easy wealth. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that it was easy wealth everybody would be doing it. Generally if it’s too good to be true it cant be true and remember at the end of the day a fool and his money are easily parted. I want to share would you 4 of the top businesses that you can work from home. I have first-hand knowledge of these businesses and know many of the people involved that are making a serious income working from home.

Work from Home

Top four working from home opportunities

I have listed these businesses in order of simplicity, low start up cost and return for a time invested.

  • Kleeneze
  • Avon
  • Forever Living Products
  • Herbal Life

After 18 years in the working from home and home opportunity industry and with knowledge and knowing people in all these companies these are my top four recommendations. My number one recommendation is Kleeneze and this is down to the fact that it is a simple business model that you do not have too invest in stock up front, you only order stock when it is sold and they offer you  a credit facility. Some people join Kleeneze just to earn an extra income (€100-€200 extra per week) while others join to build a business  for themselves and family. In fact some Kleeneze distributors earned in excess of €200,000 per annum. Whether you’re looking just to earn a second income or whether you are looking for a career, Kleeneze caters for all. When you are working from home you are your own boss and your success and profits will relate to the time and effort you spend.

Working from home is it for me?

The second most common question asked is working from home for me? For me this is the hardest question to answer but I would say that if you’re on this site you are looking to do something more with your life. We live in a changing world and we all know that jobs are not for life any more. The only way to gain financial independence, security, control of your life and your income is to work for yourself. At this stage all I would say is click on the button below and get the information so you can make your own educated decision on whether working from home is for you or not.

Work from Home

IT Jobs in Ireland

IT Jobs in Ireland

IT Jobs in Ireland with the top international companies.Nearly 800 jobs are on offer in the technology sector in Ireland.Here are just some of the opportunities currently available:

Jobs in IT with the top Companies In Ireland

Google IT jobs (160)

IT JobsThe search giant is looking for people in its Dublin office for a variety of roles. Sales and account management is one of the biggest areas with work available with 67 open positions. A further 31 jobs are also available in “sales operations”and 22 in “product and customer support”. For most of their IT Jobs roles a fluent second language,anything from French to Arabic, is a must.

Apple IT Jobs (106)

The world’s most valuable publicly-traded company is looking for plenty of people to work at its Cork offices. Roles range from technical jobs to customer service roles, many of which require additional languages.

Amazon IT Jobs (88)

The online retailer has jobs available in both Cork and Dublin. Roles range from a variety of different positions working on the Kindle project to corporate sales and account management. Many of the jobs have an international element and require a second language.

IBM IT Jobs (70)

Software development and business services roles are available, mostly in Dublin but also Cork and Galway.

Dell It Jobs (63 jobs)

Dell has a variety of roles available in both Dublin and Limerick. Jobs range from technical support and analysis to account management and sales positions.

Oracle IT (59 jobs)

The American multinational is looking for people in both technical and sales roles. Most of the jobs are based in Dublin, but the sales jobs in particular require specific language skills along with fluent English.

eBay and PayPal (41 jobs)

IT JobsBased in Dublin and Dundalk, jobs are available, many of which are in customer support roles. As a lot of the roles are to support other European operations, many of them require a second language.

Linkedin IT jobs (41 jobs)

The business-based social network is looking for staff for its Dublin office in a variety of marketing, research and media-related roles. Linkedin is also looking for customer support staff, all of which require a specific second language.

Microsoft IT Jobs (37 jobs)

The company is looking for people to work in its Dublin office, with many of the jobs available in operations roles. Many of the jobs require a second language.

HP IT Jobs (36 jobs)

One of the original multinational tech companies to come to Ireland, the company is still a big employer. Jobs are available in both technical and corporate roles in Leixlip and Galway.

Facebook IT Jobs (32 jobs)

The social network is looking for staff in Dublin. Many of the jobs are in sales and require another language. Facebook also has a number of technical IT Jobs available such as MySQL Database Engineer.

Intel (22 jobs)

The technology giant based in Leixlip is also looking for staff. Most of the roles are technical, specifically in software engineering and design. The company also has a number of graduate positions.

Twitter IT  Jobs (21)
The micro-blogging site has sales and support jobs available in Dublin. As all of the roles have an international element, language skills are a must.

SAP SSC (17 jobs)

The business management software provider has a number of roles in customer support and sales roles in Dublin and Galway. As many of the support and sales jobs have an international focus a lot of the roles require a second language. The company also has a number of “Europe/Virtual” jobs which require a lot of travel. Some student placements are also available.

Direct Sales

Direct SalesDirect Sales a Growing Industry

Direct sales as an industry is growing rapidly due to the recession.More and more people are look at the direct sales industry to find the answers to the financial challenges brought about by the economic downturn and while most industries and business models are suffering in the recession direct sales companies are exploding. Most direct sales companies allow people to start part time and are ideal for somebody who wishes to earn an extra income without effecting their full time job.With so many direct sales companies out there how do you choose the right one to get involved with.

Direct Sales what to look for in a Company

In today’s world it is important to choose your company wisely as this is the key to success. Below is a list of of essentials a company must provide before joining.

The Direct Sales Company must have

  • Products that sell and are priced for profit
  • A product range that has mass appeal and Repeat Sales
  • A well established company with a good track record
  • A fair and sustainable compensation plan
  • A vision for the future
  • A simple system for moving products to customers
  • Direct internet ordering for customers

Kleeneze a Direct Sales Company that ticks all the boxes

For decades, the public has held on to an old image of Kleeneze as the company of  catalogue sales and door to door calling.Very few people however know how Kleeneze has evolved in the past years.The restructuring of the direct selling field has pulled Kleeneze in a new direction.Today, Kleeneze is teetering between its traditional direct selling home shopping model on which it built a renowned brand with a loyal customer base,its newer internet shopping with direct shipping and an unique multi-level marketing model that lets people set up their own direct sales businesses for free.Click on the button below to find out more.

How to Make Money Information

Fas Jobs

Can Fas jobs get Ireland back to work

Fas jobsThe Irish government have allocated a large amount of their back to work budget to Fas jobs as a way of getting people back to work in Ireland. Is it a good decision to put so much faith in Fas as a way of getting people Fas jobs to be the major way to get Irish people back in the work force again? I doubt this is the answer as you can not trust civil servants to product jobs as all they know is how to push papers and yet the government seem to think this is the area that they will create jobs. Real jobs can only be created by people that are in business and know what the markets want. Fas jobs was set up as a way to retrain people not find them jobs.

Fas jobs can it deliver Jobs

Social Welfare

Social welfare trap

There are two basic ways of thinking put money in the states hands by way of high taxes so they can create jobs or put money in peoples hands by way of incentives so they can create jobs.We have seen how bad the government has done in the past with taxpayers money wasted on large salaries for fat cats and uncontrolled spending.Small to medium businesses are starved of cash while the government is wasting valuable resources on retraining people for jobs that will never exist again.This policy will do nothing to get Ireland back on its feet again and is condemning us to long term unemployment for years to come.

Fas Jobs can never deliver

We know that Fas will never deliver the jobs so we need to be redirecting the resources to people that can.Lets have a serious look at Fas jobs

  • Fas jobs and training is short term
  • Fas jobs cost too much
  • Fas jobs more money is spent on high salaries rather than creating jobs
  • Fas are retraining people in the wrong fields

We need to act now and get the resources that are being wasted by Fas into the hands of people that can create real long term jobs.

Please feel free to leave a comment below on Fas jobs and training.





Kleeneze Online Shopping

Kleeneze Online Shopping

Kleeneze online shopping

Kleeneze Online Shopping

Kleeneze has just announced the launch of their online shopping site that will allow customers to order direct and have the products delivered directly to them. Distributors that direct the customers to Kleeneze will earn commissions and bonuses on the business thus meaning that distributor can operate nationwide without having  to deliver a catalogue or product personally.Kleeneze online shopping is a massive step forward for the company and Kleeneze distributors alike, with earnings set to soar.Kleeneze online shopping will make Kleeneze products available to every one via the internet and with more international expansion expansion scheduled for next year,Kleeneze is set to become the leading work from home business Opportunity in Europe.


 Kleeneze Online Shopping Opportunity

Kleeneze Online ShoppingKleeneze online shopping allows people to work from home and get paid on any products their customers order and best of all Kleeneze handle the payments and deliveries.Kleeneze online shopping will not deflect from the core business of the home shopping catalogues and Ezespa business,but will add to an already successful formula.Online Shopping is the first step in Kleeneze s unprecedented expansion plans and will see Spain joining the ever increasing countries that Kleeneze operate in.Kleeneze operates in Ireland,The UK,Germany and Holland at the moment.Kleeneze provides people with the opportunity to make money marketing their products through the Kleeneze catalogues and now online with the Kleeneze online shop.

Make Money with Kleeneze Online Shopping

There has never been a better time to get started with Kleeneze as online shopping is growing year by year.Kleeneze online shopping will offer a rewarding and profitable work from home opportunity that will be simple to run and can provide unlimited earning potential.Kleeneze has now become the ultimate work from home opportunity.If you would like to find out more about e Kleeneze online shopping opportunity Click Here

Click Here to Visit Kleeneze Online Shop


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