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Party Plan Making a Revival

Party plan in the seventies and early eighties was very popular in Ireland but seemed to all but disappear in the nineties. This was probably due to the Celtic Tiger and the lack of time that people had. Party Plan is now back and thriving. With the slow down in the economy party plan is once again a great option for people to make a much needed extra income as well as that party plan alows people to have an inexpensive night out. People from all walks of life are turning to party plan as a way to substitute  their income. We have all heard of party plan companies such as Avon, Ann Summers and Cabouchon. Later this year we will see another major player in the home shopping industry enter the lucrative party plan market. Party plan is a fun night and is helping people make new friends. Party plan also offers people the opportunity to view the products first hand before they order unlike internet shopping. Party plan offers a wide range of products including Household, Cosmetics, Jewellery, and Health Care.

Make money from party plan

We are currently looking for people through out Ireland and the UK who are interested in earning extra money from party plan. We have openings in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Waterford, Galway, Limerick and all other areas in Ireland. For free information on party plan and other opportunities available click on the information button below.

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  1. Nuala McDonald says:

    I was one of those highly successful party plan demonstrators in the seventies and early eighties and usually held at least 5 parties per week in homes all over the south east. In those days many women didn’t drive and were dependent on the men to drive them everywhere, and of course we didn’t go to the pubs either!
    Consequently, a local party was a night out, great fun, a chat with the neighbours and of course a nice tea!
    Times changed and parties “died out”, but that has changed recently. Many people are getting involved in their local community again and house parties are being revived.
    In fact, in the last week three people have asked me to demonstrate our huge range of products and in particular our range of Christmas goodies at a party in their homes.
    I always aim to make it a fun night- playing funny games, getting everyone interacting and enjoying themselves. The guests enjoy the social aspect and the hostess gets some nice free gifts!
    The demonstrator earns good money for 2 or 3 hours in an enjoyable atmosphere and meets new people. Party plan – highly recommended!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Nuala for your comment. It is great to see party plan booming again. It provides a great social outlet for people in these hard times.

  3. Don Murphy says:

    Just reading the above post and while Nuala talks about the history and her experience of Party Plan and that people are reviving Home parties. I have been asked to do a home party from one of my customer. She is having a few friends around wanted to provide a little bit of entertainment. She thought of the idea after watching come dine with me, When I explained the process and the gifts which as hostess she would receive she was delighted. When I asked her what theme she wanted she was amazed as to the choice.
    Not only was one party requested but as she is a customer for over two years, She wants more and has already set a date for her Christmas party to demonstrate our range. With this in mind I have several customers to inform of the service I offer for their come dine with me entertainment.

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