Work from home

Work from home

Work from home opportunities are on the increase due to the rise of the cost of properties and rents in all our major cities, more and more people are having to move further out into the suburbs to find property that they can afford to rent or buy and this is leading to far longer commutes to work every day, in fact most people are commuting three hours plus per day. This means that an average working day of eight hours has now become with the commute 11 hours plus. Some companies allow their employees to work from home but that is only available to a small number of individuals.

The fact is that most people spend 30% of the working day commuting and that is without factoring in the tolls, gas or train fares. I have a friend that lives in Pennsylvania that leaves his house every morning at 5 AM to commute to Manhattan and does not return that evening till after 11 PM. Is that a life or just fueling the rat race and a corporate world that has just gone mad?In network marketing, we allow and encourage people to run their own businesses and work from home, no commute and the ability to be able to work from home and spend time with your loved ones rather than spending it sitting in traffic or on a train and enjoy the quality of life that most people deserve. I believe that working from home is the future but unfortunately very few companies at the moment can offer the facility.

Work from home with Hours that suit

Network marketing offers you the opportunity to work your own hours that fit around your family and other commitments. When you work for an employer you have to work around when they want and need you to be available, this in most Work from home mumscases will not fit around the time that you want to spend with your family and when they need you most. It has become quite common for one parent to be arriving home from work while another is walking out of the door on their way to work. In fact, everything in today’s world works 24 seven and 365 days a year. Is this the life we want to live?They say you can always make more money but never more time. The modern world we live in today is hectic and busy and very few people have the time to do the things they want and to spend the time with people that they love. Most people are too busy trying to make a living and maintain their living standards that they don’t have the time for a lifestyle.Network marketing allows you to leverage your time while not compromising your income due to the fact that you can introduce and build a team of independent distributors that you will receive a small percentage on all the products they move. Network marketing allows you a lifestyle where you can play golf when you want; spend as much time with loved ones that you want, holiday when and where you want and allows you to sculpt the lifestyle that you want. Don’t wake up in 20 years’ time and say if only I had more time. Working from home allows you the time to spend with the people you love

Work from home and earn a residual income

Residual income is the most powerful part of a network marketing opportunity. In network marketing, you can work from home and build a team of independent distributors to sell products or services and each time a sale is made you will receive a small percentage of it. Your distributors can also build a team and you will also receive a percentage of their sales. This system allows you to leverage your time and efforts.Which would you prefer 1% of 100 people’s efforts or 100% of your own. This is the real power of network marketing and it allows people by sharing the opportunity with others to build a business, earn a residual income for life and gain financial independence. In a job you only get paid once for work that you have done however in network marketing you get paid on residual basis of work that you have done in the past and this is the real power behind the network marketing opportunity. In today’s world the opportunity to work from home has become a reality for more and more people.

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