Pensions Time Bomb

Pensions Time Bomb

Pensions While most people think they are looking after their futures by paying into a pension fund or relying on a pension from the government they in fact are buying into the only legal Ponzi scheme in the world. When pensions were first introduced most people never lived past the 57 years of age and it was very easy to offset future payments of pensions against income coming in from younger tax payers or income coming from investment funds as most people never lived long enough to collect. This however has changed over the past 30 years in the Western world with the average life expectancy of a man is just short of 80 years and a woman’s life expectancy of 83 years. This means that a person can work for 40 years and live on a pension for 20 years or more. Realistically it is impossible for a person to contribute enough tax or pension contributions in 40 years to provide a livable and sustainable pension for 20 years. Pensions only work if you have more young people paying in than older people taking out and with the crash of the stock exchange over the past five years and with pension funds that invested in stocks as a way to capitalise their pension products they are falling short.

Beware of the Pensions Trap

In the Western world with an ageing population and a low birth rate it will be impossible for governments to meet their pension commitments. In short we are looking at one working person paying for the pensions of two retired people and it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that this is impossible and unsustainable. This phenomenon was forecasted back in the mid-80s and yet very few governments or pension funds addressed the pending problem. When people retire they have three or four times the time to spend and only a fraction of the income to spend. We now live in an age where retired people are not just happy to wander down to the store, get a newspaper or sit at home watching TV. Retired people now are young energetic and want to enjoy the later years of their lives; unfortunately this cannot be done without money.

Pensions and the Stock Market

Pensions and the stock marketThe only solution to this problem from a government point of view is to raise taxes but there is only so much money that you can take in tax without disincentivising work. The only solution for pension funds is a massive recovery in the stock markets and at this moment this looks entirely unlikely. People who are due to retire over the coming years when they have a government pension or a part of the pension fund will find that their pensions are completely under capitalised. With a lot of Western countries raising the retirement age as a short-term solution to the pension deficit, this does not solve the problem only pushes down the line by two or three years and in fact increases the problem when pensions finally become due.

Government Pensions or an Alternative Income

If you are relying on a pension fund or a government pension you could be very disappointed when it is your time to retire. I think the pension time bomb is probably the most compelling argument to get involved in Network Marketing. In Network Marketing you can build a business with a residual income that will pay you long after you stop working. It’s a little bit like the Beatles (the band from Liverpool) that wrote songs in the 60s and 70s and every time they played on the radio today or a CD is sold they earn a royalty. That’s what I call a real pension fund. In network marketing when you build a business of independent distributors every time one of your distributors sells a product or service you receive a small percentage of that sale. This system allows you to earn residual income for the rest of your life as long as business is being conducted.

PensionsI think the big question is after working hard for 40 years do you want to retire on a pension that you can just about survive on or you want an alternative income that can provide you with a great lifestyle when you retire. Do you want to totter down to local store buy a newspaper maybe have a beer or coffee on the way home or do you want to spend your golden years seeing the world and enjoying the finer things in life. Very few pensions if any can offer you the latter but network marketing and building a residual income can offer you lifestyle that most people only ever dream of.

People with Pensions still having to Work

Pensions the truthYou only have to visit your own local supermarket and see people that have lived in your neighborhood and worked hard all their lives packing bags for the minimum wage. These people believed that when they retired after working hard all those years that their pension would be able to finance their lifestyle. Your pension is not just about putting food on your table a roof over your head but allowing you the income to enjoy your golden years and to experience and see places that you could not afford the time or money during your working life because you’re too busy or could not afford it. Life is for living and after working hard for years, you should be entitled to a good standard of living and an amazing lifestyle. Jobs, government pensions, and pension funds will not provide this. However getting involved in Network Marketing today, building a business and residual income for the rest of your life will.

Pensions and Network Marketing

Regardless of your education, your skills or your race you can join a Network Marketing company and build a business that you can retire on in 3 to 5 years. The 3 Steps you need to take

  • Where do you want to be in five years time and can what you are doing now get you there?
  • The next step is are you prepared to do what it takes to reshape your future?
  • The third step is you ready to start now?

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it only comes once are you prepared to embrace the lifestyle that Network Marketing can offer you.

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