IT Jobs in Ireland

IT Jobs in Ireland

IT Jobs in Ireland with the top international companies.Nearly 800 jobs are on offer in the technology sector in Ireland.Here are just some of the opportunities currently available:

Jobs in IT with the top Companies In Ireland

Google IT jobs (160)

IT JobsThe search giant is looking for people in its Dublin office for a variety of roles. Sales and account management is one of the biggest areas with work available with 67 open positions. A further 31 jobs are also available in “sales operations”and 22 in “product and customer support”. For most of their IT Jobs roles a fluent second language,anything from French to Arabic, is a must.

Apple IT Jobs (106)

The world’s most valuable publicly-traded company is looking for plenty of people to work at its Cork offices. Roles range from technical jobs to customer service roles, many of which require additional languages.

Amazon IT Jobs (88)

The online retailer has jobs available in both Cork and Dublin. Roles range from a variety of different positions working on the Kindle project to corporate sales and account management. Many of the jobs have an international element and require a second language.

IBM IT Jobs (70)

Software development and business services roles are available, mostly in Dublin but also Cork and Galway.

Dell It Jobs (63 jobs)

Dell has a variety of roles available in both Dublin and Limerick. Jobs range from technical support and analysis to account management and sales positions.

Oracle IT (59 jobs)

The American multinational is looking for people in both technical and sales roles. Most of the jobs are based in Dublin, but the sales jobs in particular require specific language skills along with fluent English.

eBay and PayPal (41 jobs)

IT JobsBased in Dublin and Dundalk, jobs are available, many of which are in customer support roles. As a lot of the roles are to support other European operations, many of them require a second language.

Linkedin IT jobs (41 jobs)

The business-based social network is looking for staff for its Dublin office in a variety of marketing, research and media-related roles. Linkedin is also looking for customer support staff, all of which require a specific second language.

Microsoft IT Jobs (37 jobs)

The company is looking for people to work in its Dublin office, with many of the jobs available in operations roles. Many of the jobs require a second language.

HP IT Jobs (36 jobs)

One of the original multinational tech companies to come to Ireland, the company is still a big employer. Jobs are available in both technical and corporate roles in Leixlip and Galway.

Facebook IT Jobs (32 jobs)

The social network is looking for staff in Dublin. Many of the jobs are in sales and require another language. Facebook also has a number of technical IT Jobs available such as MySQL Database Engineer.

Intel (22 jobs)

The technology giant based in Leixlip is also looking for staff. Most of the roles are technical, specifically in software engineering and design. The company also has a number of graduate positions.

Twitter IT  Jobs (21)
The micro-blogging site has sales and support jobs available in Dublin. As all of the roles have an international element, language skills are a must.

SAP SSC (17 jobs)

The business management software provider has a number of roles in customer support and sales roles in Dublin and Galway. As many of the support and sales jobs have an international focus a lot of the roles require a second language. The company also has a number of “Europe/Virtual” jobs which require a lot of travel. Some student placements are also available.

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