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Direct SalesDirect Sales a Growing Industry

Direct sales as an industry is growing rapidly due to the recession.More and more people are look at the direct sales industry to find the answers to the financial challenges brought about by the economic downturn and while most industries and business models are suffering in the recession direct sales companies are exploding. Most direct sales companies allow people to start part time and are ideal for somebody who wishes to earn an extra income without effecting their full time job.With so many direct sales companies out there how do you choose the right one to get involved with.

Direct Sales what to look for in a Company

In today’s world it is important to choose your company wisely as this is the key to success. Below is a list of of essentials a company must provide before joining.

The Direct Sales Company must have

  • Products that sell and are priced for profit
  • A product range that has mass appeal and Repeat Sales
  • A well established company with a good track record
  • A fair and sustainable compensation plan
  • A vision for the future
  • A simple system for moving products to customers
  • Direct internet ordering for customers

Kleeneze a Direct Sales Company that ticks all the boxes

For decades, the public has held on to an old image of Kleeneze as the company of  catalogue sales and door to door calling.Very few people however know how Kleeneze has evolved in the past years.The restructuring of the direct selling field has pulled Kleeneze in a new direction.Today, Kleeneze is teetering between its traditional direct selling home shopping model on which it built a renowned brand with a loyal customer base,its newer internet shopping with direct shipping and an unique multi-level marketing model that lets people set up their own direct sales businesses for free.Click on the button below to find out more.

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