Irish Budget 2011

What will the Irish budget have in store for 2011

Budget time is here again and we are all wondering what new revenue taking surprises are in store in the 2011 budget. For the past four years the budget has being focused on cutting spending and raising taxes and it looks like we are going to see more of the same in the 2011 budget. While I agree Ireland needs to get its house in order, you cant get out of a recession simply by cuts and revenue increases alone. Cuts and higher taxation only lead in one direction higher unemployment and low growth which will deepen and prolong the recession. I have seen this in my own business after three years on cutting and savings our business was declining by 15% per year. At the beginning of 2011 we felt that by doing the same things you will keep getting the same results so we decided that to grow we needed to invest and find more cost effective ways to do business. By simply investing in the right areas and working to a strict budget we increased our business by over 20% in 2011. Find out how you can start your own business. Click below for free information.

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Budget 2011 has to have an investment stimulus

In the budget we have bee well warned that there are harsh measures coming but there has been no indication of any stimulus to get the county into growth again. If budget 2011 does not set a side capital to reinvest and stimulate the economy we are destined to continue the downward spiral. The budget needs to address this before we dig a hole so deep we will never get out of it. This budget is our last chance to turn the country around and it will have to have imagination and content that the nation can buy into. It will have to include a package to help new and established businesses to invest, grow and increase employment. Almost half the Irish business closures in 2011 where due to the fact not that the business was not viable but lack of cash flow. Will budget 2011 address this?

Budget for growth

The budget needs to provide capital for investment in business and high labour intensive projects. What the government must not do is give state agencies such as Fas the responsibility for this as the only people that can bring this country back around is the business community. We have learnt from the past that most of the state agencies are only good at one thing, spending money on non producting things. This is probably the most important budget in the history of the state and we need to get this budget right.

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  1. Majella McGonagle says:

    You are so right Eamon. I agree with what you have said, but people do have to start thinking out side the box and find ways to help themselves. The Government are not going to help the poor or middle class people. As always, the rich get richer. Just take one thing in the budget, the children’s allowance? Would it not make more since to take this allowance off people who DON’T need it and leave the people who DO need it alone.

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