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Can Fas jobs get Ireland back to work

Fas jobsThe Irish government have allocated a large amount of their back to work budget to Fas jobs as a way of getting people back to work in Ireland. Is it a good decision to put so much faith in Fas as a way of getting people Fas jobs to be the major way to get Irish people back in the work force again? I doubt this is the answer as you can not trust civil servants to product jobs as all they know is how to push papers and yet the government seem to think this is the area that they will create jobs. Real jobs can only be created by people that are in business and know what the markets want. Fas jobs was set up as a way to retrain people not find them jobs.

Fas jobs can it deliver Jobs

Social Welfare

Social welfare trap

There are two basic ways of thinking put money in the states hands by way of high taxes so they can create jobs or put money in peoples hands by way of incentives so they can create jobs.We have seen how bad the government has done in the past with taxpayers money wasted on large salaries for fat cats and uncontrolled spending.Small to medium businesses are starved of cash while the government is wasting valuable resources on retraining people for jobs that will never exist again.This policy will do nothing to get Ireland back on its feet again and is condemning us to long term unemployment for years to come.

Fas Jobs can never deliver

We know that Fas will never deliver the jobs so we need to be redirecting the resources to people that can.Lets have a serious look at Fas jobs

  • Fas jobs and training is short term
  • Fas jobs cost too much
  • Fas jobs more money is spent on high salaries rather than creating jobs
  • Fas are retraining people in the wrong fields

We need to act now and get the resources that are being wasted by Fas into the hands of people that can create real long term jobs.

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